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The Power Of Information

Modern technological advances have revolutionized the business environment. With the integration of technology and the internet into every facet of life, we are truly living in the information age. Unfortunately, we are also living in the disinformation age where anyone including, business partners, investors and clients can give the appearance that they are something they are not. Unfortunately, that leaves your business at risk of loss.

With decades of experience in the debt collection industry, we have identified patterns and methods used by “bad debtors” which costs business billions of dollars each year. While Accounts Receivable is the premier choice for recovering debts once they become past due, we are also the first line defense against ever being in the position of needing to collect in the first place.

Accounts Receivable has developed an industry-leading suite of tools that can assist clients in credit screening, risk management, employee screening and asset validation. By refusing to leave decisions that cost your business thousands of dollars to chance and eliminating unnecessary risks, Accounts Receivable will be your shield against losses.

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Employee Screening

Lets face it, people lie. The candidate walking into your office with a nice suit and a clean shave may seem like the solution to your company but what do you really know about them? You can ask “Have you ever been convicted of a crime” or “How many jobs have you had in the last 3 years?” but you will more than likely get the answer you want to hear and not the truth. Using our Accounts Receivable screening products, we can quickly find out Criminal Records, Drivers License Statuses, Evictions and Financial Reports so you know exactly who will be representing your company. ”.

Customer Credit Screening

All business owners have dealt with the risk of selling to a new customer on credit. You know, the guy looking to place a large order on credit even though you have never done business with him . He comes in with a nice truck, talks like he has all of the money in the world and seems to be on the up and up but you know nothing about his financial position. Using our investigative tools, Accounts Receivable can easily look at a customer’s credit, look for current and previous business relationships and see if they have filed bankruptcy before. This will drastically prevent your default rates and keep you from being exposed.

Tenant Screening

Accounts Receivable not only offers unmatched results, but also unbeatable customer service as well. We do not utilize foreign call centers or fulfillment centers to communicate with our clients or their debtors. We offer many advantages that others in the industry simply can’t beat. Our clients enjoy the benefits of our bi-monthly remittance policy, online access to the accounts they have submitted as well as a dedicated team of customer service associates that can answer any questions and address any concerns they may have.

Using Accounts Receivable’s tenant screening capabilities you can protect your investments and ensure your property is only occupied by good paying tenants.

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Accounts Receivable offers a number of searches for our clients. Clients can obtain comprehensive reports which pull together multiple searches or we can conduct searches for clients on an a la carte basis:

Advanced Tenant Screening:
-Criminal History
-Consumer Credit Analysis
-Bank Verification
-Bankruptcy, Liens, Judgments and Evictions
-Employment & Education Verification

Advanced Employee Screening:
-Criminal History
-Consumer Credit Analysis
-Bankruptcy, Liens, Judgments and Evictions
-Drivers License Verification
-Employment & Education Verification

Advanced Customer Screening:
-Business Search and Report
-Dun & Bradstreet Reports
-Financing Report
-Professional License Verification
-Legal Validation
-UCC Search Report

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Accounts Receivable utilizes private, public and proprietary data to obtain the information that you are requesting. We offer two options to clients looking to conduct searches.

Unlimited Access

For clients looking to conduct frequent reports, we offer access to our proprietary software which will allow clients to purchase reports at will. Clients are billed for reports run on a bimonthly basis (twice a month). Clients will have an interactive dashboard where they can access previously pulled reports and we can build custom reports utilizing multiple searches for convenience. Customers that sign up for this service are required to submit an application and undergo a compliance evaluation which includes and onsite inspection. Complete the application below to start the process or contact one of dedicates specialists to learn more about this service.

One Time Service

For clients that are looking to conduct a onetime search or that only use the service sparingly, we can provide searches on an a la carte basis. Clients requesting this service will need to complete a non disclosure agreement and permissible use agreement and may be required to provide additional documentation when required. To run a onetime report, click on the link below to be directed to our store. You can select the searches you want to conduct and after you submit your payment, you will be directed to a contact form where you will provide us the information required to run the report you have selected. Once this information is submitted our investigators will provide you the requested dossier within 24 hours.

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