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International Collections has a significant commitment to international debt collections, and maintains operations in many countries worldwide. We maintain our offices in those countries, with in-house experts who are extremely well versed in local laws.

Businesses that choose to collect an international debt will enjoy our handling of many procedures, including:

By choosing Accounts Receivable, our international clients get access to a few key services and methods:

  • Amicable collection based on local laws
  • Knowledge of the legal system for disputed debts
  • The ability to enforce a debt remotely without the businesses own resources being used
  • Execution of any judgments or payment orders that may result from the process
  • Remittances Are Tailored According To Your Needs, We Can Remit At Any Frequency And By Any Method

With our professionals working on behalf of our clients, is able to produce real results abroad that won’t cause financial trouble at home. Our international collection offices are a key asset that we offer to all of our clients with global operations.

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