January 17th, 2018
“I run a small plumbing company and I was more than pleased with the service I received through the folks at Accounts Receivable. Jacob M*** was super helpful getting the ball rolling and Christian was diligent in getting me the money I was owed. Most collections agencies get a bad rap, but these guys, all of them, were professional, helpful, and respectful. I would never use anyone else and I would recommend them to anyone in need of collections services! Thanks guys!”

Sarah C.
Source: BBB

October 19th, 2017
“We used Accounts Receivable to collect a debt for our company. I did not expect the professionalism. As they worked for us we were kept informed of the progress and received our money promptly. They worked well for us and we would use them again.”

Elizabeth A.
Source: BBB

October 11th, 2017
“Just started doing business with Accounts Receivable and am extremely pleased with the professionalism and customer service they offer. I will definitely use their services again should the need arise. I highly recommend them to anyone who has debt collection issues and want to be kept informed as they work to resolve your problem.”

Patty C.
Source: BBB

September 29th, 2017
“As soon as I contacted them I received all information needed to persue my claim. Very professional, efficient, and courteous.”

Jaime S.
Source: BBB

May 13th, 2017
“I have been extremely impressed with Accounts Receivable. After several months of trying to get paid by a client, I hired a lawyer who said it would be an “open and shut case.” After several more months of paying a lawyer, he told me he wasn’t able to serve papers because he couldn’t find the client. I then hired Accounts Receivable who was able to get more action in one day than the lawyer had in months. Now the client is on a schedule and paying me for money they’ve owed me for over a year. I wish I’d gone right to Accounts Receivable rather than hiring a lawyer. From now on, if I ever have trouble getting paid, I’ll know who to go to. Great job, Accounts Receivable!”

Yvette F.
Louisville, CO

May 3rd, 2017
“Accounts Receivable has been awesome collecting my past due Invoice!! It literally took them 2 days to collect an invoice from 2016 that I was unsuccessful collecting the past year. Jason and Carrie were great each time I spoke to them. I will surely continue to use them in the future.”

Laura V.
Source: BBB

April 20th, 2017
“Jason B**** gave great customer service. Thanks.”

Sue R.
Source: BBB

April 10th, 2017
“Business is a pleasure to work with. Our rep, Jason B****, has been very helpful every step of the way when it comes to collecting unsettled funds. They collect at fair rates and are very easy to communicate with via phone, email, or their online client platform.”

Steve R.
Source: BBB

April 4th, 2017
“Only sent over 2 files so far but they have collected on both. Very easy to see the progress with on line access to your files at all times. we are very happy with the service so far and Jason has been awesome!”

Denise K.
Source: BBB

February 10th, 2017
“I completed a general on-line debt collection questionnaire that was then sent to several debt collection companies. I only received ONE telephonic response, and that was from Jason B****, representing Accounts Receivable. I was not contacted by any other companies. Jason was extremely helpful in explaining what services his company could provide and the associated costs. He followed-up our conversation with an e-mail that same day and a telephone call this morning. Fortunately, the debt had been paid after our initial conversation. I will definitely contact Accounts Receivable in the future to handle matters of this nature if Jason’s professionalism is an indication of the value of his company’s services.”

Ray K.
Source: BBB

December 14th, 2016
“Accts Rec has been doing our collections for a good 2 years now. No complaints on our end. We have no plans on using anyone else at this time either. They do their job and do it well. ;)”

Credit Repair Nerds B.
Source: BBB

June 8th, 2015
“These guys are great. I called them with a non-paying customer issue and Account Receivable quickly recorded the information was making calls to the customer the next day. AR also followed up with a negative credit report hit and offered legal services as well.

I was very impressed and will continue to use them in the future.

Richard Lewis
Technology Marketing Officer
Augur Marketing, LLC”

Richard Winfield Lewis
Source: Manta

May 6th, 2016
“They did a great job getting a judgment executed against a person who owed me money. It took some time to get the funds remitted but they were very upfront and let me know when the money had been sent out. Overall, a good experience.”

Rebecca I.
Aston, PA

March 3rd, 2015
“Just a quick thank-you to Jacob Mora and his team at Accounts Receivable.
I brought a difficult client to him with really low expectations of any type of recovery due to the circumstances surrounding the needed collection.
He was able to recover the first payment for me in less than 2 months. Keep up the great work!”

Charles Cohn
Source: Manta

March 3rd, 2016
“Just a quick thank-you to Jacob M*** and his team at Accounts Receivable. I brought a difficult client to him with really low expectations of any type of recovery due to the circumstances surrounding the needed collection. He was able to recover the first payment for me in less than 2 months. Keep up the great work!”

Charles C.
Source: BBB

Janurary 26th, 2016
“Instrumental in helping me with a client who refused to pay.”

Thomas T.
Source: BBB

December 16th, 2015
“I recently used accounts receivable to collect a debt. My representative, Jacob, was very professional,. he took me through the process, explain everything and after he have managed to get a hold of my money he made sure that i will get it a fast as possible I highly recommend using him.”

Assa E.
Source: BBB

December 11th, 2015
“We worked with Jacob. He was very professional and worked quickly to recover our funds. We will definitely continue to use Accounts Receivable.”

Maya Crothers
Source: Manta

September 17th, 2015
“Accounts Receivable dealt with our judgement. As a private client, it was extremely difficult to find anyone to take this on for us and after only a few weeks, they had managed to get a regular agreement for the funds to be paid back to us and this has been maintained. They have been really helpful and everyone else told us we would never see a penny of our money back!”

Kim Clarke
Source: Manta

August 12th, 2015
“I sent them 23 accounts, within 30 days all of these accounts were collected, These people are professional and really know what they are doing.”

Tonya M.
Source: BBB

“The Staff at Accounts Receivable are very professional constant communicators keeping our firm ACKR COMPANY well informed of our accounts and keeping on top of our clients that don’t pay.

Keep up the good work we will and already have recommended your firm to many of Business.”

Floyd Rainear
Source: Manta

“I couldn’t be more pleased with their Professionalism and Performance. We use AccountsReceivable.com – and we love them. They do a fantastic job, keep us up to date on what’s going on with our cases and I couldn’t be more pleased with their Professionalism and Performance. Thank you”

Susan Edwards
Source: Manta

“Accounts Receivable have given me an amazing customer service experience. They are quick to answer the phones and help, and very eager to follow up with updates and status of accounts. They have successfully helped us settle 2 outstanding accounts, and are currently working on our third.

I would not hesitate to use this company again, and would recommend them to anyone!”
Spencer H.
Source: Manta

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