Commercial Collection Agency


commercial collection agency


In addition to instituting legal demands, our agents also investigate the debtor company itself and garner an understanding of the ins and outs of their entire business. From learning which government bodies regulate their company to who their biggest clients are and how they advertise, we develop a clear understanding of how and where to apply the appropriate leverage to ensure a collection. Instead of trying a tactic and waiting to see if it works, we attack all fronts to apply maximum pressure until the matter is resolved. 


Choosing the right commercial collection agency is a significant decision to make when pursuing a company for non-payment on business debt. It can be challenging for one agency to come in and try to resolve a case if an inept and incompetent agency has already become involved in the case. Accounts Receivable has the tools, experience, and tenacity to collect any commercial debt that we come across. More importantly, however, we genuinely care about the success of our clients and will fight side by side with our clients for what is right. Contact us today to speak with a specialist so we can learn more about your situation and go over the best options to recover your commercial debt.  

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