Join Our Network!

Are you interested in building your law practice with real cases, real clients and an opportunity to make some real money? Are you tired of taking handouts off the indigent criminal docket or acting as a guardian ad item for an impoverished or incapacitated person and wish you could handle real litigation files? If so, we have an excellent opportunity for you. Build your practice, increase your cash flow and get a chance to work on legal matters involving large balance claims by becoming part of the Accounts Receivable network of panel attorneys.

By becoming part of our network, you receive cases from our litigation department and you are eligible for direct assignment of collection matters against Debtors in your geographical region. Attorneys who practice in multiple counties and locales are encouraged to apply. Our unique program of case assignment in many instances allows you to litigate cases without expending court costs out of your pocket.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for tenacious attorneys that understand how to collect and are capable of doing more than sending a letter and then a cost bill. We will only accept attorneys and law firms that will emphasize their efforts on presuit collection methods. Our network attorneys are expected to exhaust all collection efforts prior to recommending suit. We want attorneys that are not afraid to pick up the phone and negotiate claims with debtors to secure payment quickly, efficiently and without the burden of litigation unless absolutely necessary.

How it Works

Upon acceptance into our network, you will receive collection matters on a referral basis to work from your office through letters and phone calls. As cases reach an impasse, some clients will choose to proceed with suit while others will choose not to proceed, but you will be able to help the clients choose the cases to litigate and the cases that need to be dropped through your professional analysis and input. Also, from time to time, you will receive direct assignments of cases where the client has already decided to file suit on the claim.

Working in conjunction with our Litigation Department, you have access to an excellent support staff to aid and assist you in the preparation and presentation of the client’s claim, but once assigned, the case is yours to handle. Accounts Receivable does not attempt and will never attempt to dictate the handling of the client’s claim. We serve only as a sounding board and support staff; a liaison between your office and the client.

As an international collection firm, we presently have cases ready for assignments all around the world and in all 50 states. This is a great opportunity for you to build your practice and to make money. This is a terrific opportunity for a recent graduate and admittee to the Bar.

Unlike other referral services becoming a member of our team costs nothing as we have no maintenance fees, signup fees or annual dues. We simply send you new cases.