You Only Pay When We Collect

Worst Case Scenario?

You’re in the same position you are right now.


  • 30%
    For Claims Under One Year
  • 40%
    For Claims Over One Year
  • 50%
    For Claims Under $1,000
  • 50%
    For Claims That Require Litigation


Step 1: Claim Investigation

We will run full skip tracing reports to acquire the debtors current assets, liabilities, addresses, phone numbers, emails, associations and relatives.

Step 2: 3rd Party Collections

  • Demand Letters

  • E-Mails

  • Faxes

  • Phone Calls

Step 3: Attorney Review / Litigation

We have an extensive team of over 400 affiliate attorneys and a full in house legal team.

  • Claim Review – Is there money and assets to be successful
  • Pre-Judgment—Filling the initial complaint, serving the debtor, adding fees and cost associated
  • Post Judgment Enforcement Actions
  • Wage Garnishment / Bank Garnishment / Levy & Execution of Assets / Debtors Exam
  • Litigation perameters: Must be valid address – must have available funds and/or assets – Eligible if over $3,500.00


Account Managers

Communication is king! Every client will have access to their account manager (Salary Employee) and their sales agent (Commission Employee)

Monthly Claim Updating

Remittance & Reporting

We offer secure online access where our clients can login to review what is happening on each and every claim placed with our office. We also can customize reports that fit any request you may have. If necessary we can tailor remittance cycle and how we pay out (Wire If 50K or above)

Our standard remittance policy is below:

All payments collected between the 1st and 15th of any month are processed on the 1st through the 5th of the following month.

All payments collected between the 16th and 31st of each month are processed between the 16th and the 20th of the following month.