Thank you for submitting your agreement!

We have received your agreement and our agents are going to diligently start working to recover your files. Please keep in mind that we are here to work with you as a partner in this endeavor. To increase the likelihood of success please immediately forward any documentation that you have supporting your accounts to your agent. You may also submit the documentation to

Keep in mind that we are proceeding with your files immediately, your debtor is likely to reach out to you regarding this matter. It is imperative that you redirect them back to our office so that we may maintain the proper leverage on the case.

Our office is capable of collecting on debts as far back as 3 years. If you have any additional debts from previous years, contact your agent today to place those additional claims or click here. If you have customers that are late that are exhibiting any of the following actions be sure to submit them to our office immediately as these are all warning signs that a customer may become severely delinquent.

-Your point of contact at the debtor’s business changes very often.

-Your phone calls and emails are not being returned.

-The companies website appears to be under construction or is no longer operational.

-Your mail has returned.

-Your contact makes excuses about payment procedure a.k.a. the “run around”.

-The debtor makes excuses about the economy or other economic factors.